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Past ACT Forums List

 1st “The Arrival of the Pacific Era - The Integration of Economies between the United States and Asian Nations”
 Speaker:Robert B. Reich (Professor, Harvard University)
 Date:July 11, 1988
 2nd “Legal Consciousness in the Age of Internationalization”
 Speaker:Wakamizu Tsutsui (Professor, University of Tokyo)
 Date:October 18, 1988
 3rd “Labor Issues in the Age of Internationalization”
 Speaker:Toshifumi Tateyama (President, Japan Trade Union Confederation (Rengo))
 Date:December 1, 1988
 4th “Entering the Age of Internationalization”
 Speaker:Akiko Koh (Vice Chairman, Singapore Red Cross Society)
 Date:March 6, 1989
 5th “U.S. Strategy for Asia”
 Speaker:Gaston J.Sigur Jr. (former Assistant United States Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs)
 Date:March 24, 1989
 6th “Exploring the Way to Balancing the Global Economy”
 Speaker:Richard N. Cooper(Professor, Harvard University)
 Date:July 14, 1989
 7th “Economic Policy of the Bush Administration”
 Speaker:John N. Yochelson (Senior Vice President, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS))
 Date:September 26, 1989
 8th “Tahiti, an Island of Dreams and Romanticism”
 Speaker:Alexandre Léontieff (President of French Polynesia)
 Date:October 5, 1989
 9th “The Future of Liberalism and Socialism”
 Speaker:Kichitaro Katsuda (Professor, University of Kyoto)
 Speaker: Seiko Hirata (Director, The Institute For Zen Studies/Zen Master at Tenryuji Temple)
 Date:November 6, 1989
 10th “Learning through Experience in Personnel Development”
 Speaker: Katsuaki Kokon (Director, Nihon Sumo Kyokai ), Akira Imai (Secretary-General, FNS Charity Campaign, Fuji Television Network)
 Date:January 24, 1990
 11th “Organizational Management and Affiliate (Subcontractor) Management of Japanese Companies in a Tumultuous Europe”
 Speaker:Tetsuo Amako, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Yokohama National University, Malcolm Trevor (Faculty of Economics, Nagoya City University), Masaru Sakuma, (Faculty of Business Administration, Kanagawa University), Michael Graham (First Secretary, Delegation of the European Commission to Japan), Susumu Kondo (Deputy Director, Western Europe, Africa and Middle East Division, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of International Trade and Industry)
Date:June 12, 1990
 12th “The Foot of Mt. Fuji as a Future Base of International Exchange-International Cultural City of Water and Greenery”
 Speaker:Heisuke Hironaka (Professor Emeritus, Harvard University)
 Date:July 21, 1990
 13th “On the Recent Situation in the Middle East”
 Speaker:Takamichi Hamada (Director, Middle East and Africa Office, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of International Trade and Industry)
 Date:October 18, 1990
 14th “East Asia Entering the Era of Great Upheaval-China, the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam-”
 Speaker:Gerrit W. Gong (Asia Director, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), USA)
 Date: November 1, 1990
 15th “Bush Strategy after the Gulf War”
 Speaker:John N. Yochelson (Senior Vice President, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), USA)
 Date : May 14, 1991
 16th “The Current Situation and Outlook on Politics, Economy and Security”
 Speaker:Alexander M. Haig Jr. (former United States Secretary of State)
 Date : January 27, 1992
 17th “US Foreign Policy and Japan-US Relations after the Cold War”
 Speaker:Morris A. East (Dean, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University)
 Date:April 20, 1992
 18th “Future Japan-US Relations”
 Speaker:Joseph S. Nye, Jr. (Director, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University)
 Date:July 13, 1992
 19th “Trade Policy of the Clinton Administration and Future Japan-US Relations”
 Speaker:Robert E. Hertzstein (1st Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, United States Department of Commerce)
 Date:January 25, 1993
 20th “The Current Situation and Future Agendas of Japan-US Relations”
 Speaker: George R. Packard (Dean, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS))
 Date:July 12, 1993
 21st “Scientific, Technological and Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region Toward the 21st Century”
 Speaker:Hui Yongzheng (Deputy Director, State Science and Technology Commission (SSTC) )
 Date:November 10, 1993
 22nd “The Current Situation and International Agendas of Japanese Labor Issues”
 Speaker: Etsuya Washio (General Secretary, Japanese Trade Union Confederation)
 Date: February 4, 1994
 23rd “Future Outlook of the Japanese Economy- The Path Toward a Wise Country”
 Speaker:Heizo Takenaka (Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University)
 Date:April 12, 1994
 24th “New Basics of Diplomacy in Asia”
 Speaker: Douglas H. Paal (President, Asia Pacific Policy Center (APPC))
 Date:July 8, 1994
 25th “Outlook and Agendas for 1995”
 Speaker:Shinji Fukukawa (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Communication Institute)
 Date:February 9, 1995
 26th “The Role of the State Economic and Trade Commission”
 Speaker: Liu Zhi (Deputy Director, State Economic and Trade Commission, Economic Policy Coordination Department)
 Date: February 24, 1995
 27th “The Current Situation and Outlook of Yunnan Province-Focusing on Mineral Resource Development”
 Speaker: Feng Shusen (Director-General, Foreign Affairs Office, The People’s Government of Yunnan Province, China)
 Date:May 23, 1995
 28th “Dynamism of the Asian Economy in the 21st Century-Its Potential and Conditions-”
 Speaker:Kent E. Calder (Professor, Woodrow Wilson School cum Director of Program on U.S.-Japan, Princeton University/ Japan Chair, the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C.)
 Date:July 5, 1995
 29th “The Current Situation and Future Outlook of the Information Industry in China”
 Speaker:Wang Xuan (Professor, Peking University/ Director, Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Peking University)
 Date:September 14, 1995
 30th “Outlook and Agendas for 1996”
 Speaker: Kiyoaki Kikuchi (Advisor, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. / Advisor, Tohoku-Electric Power Co., Inc.)
 Date:March 14, 1996
 31st “Agricultural Policy and International Cooperation of Shanghai City”
 Speaker:Fan Deguan (Director-General, Shanghai Agricultural Committee/ Secretary of Agriculture, Shanghai Communist Party)
 Date:May 15, 1996
 32nd “Issues Regarding the Return of Hong Kong to China”
 Speaker: Lu Ping (Secretary-General, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council (HMO))
 Date:June 3, 1996
 33rd “On Japan-U.S.-China Relations”
 Speaker:Wang Daohan (Chairman, Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS)/ former mayor of Shanghai) Wang Jisi (Director, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS))
 Date:January 23, 1997
 34th “Modernization of China and China-Japan Relations”
 Speaker: Yang Zhenya (Vice Dean, National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee/ Advisor, Asia-Africa Development Research Institute Development Center of State Council (PRC) /former ambassador of China to Japan)
 Date:January 28, 1997
 35th “Hong Kong After Its Return to China (Survival in Hong Kong)”
 Speaker:Takeo Iwami (President of Hong Kong Judo Kan/ Honorary Chairman, Judo Association of Hong Kong)
 Date:October 6, 1997
 36th “On Atomic Power Cooperation between Japan and China”
 Speaker: Zhang Hua Zhu (Vice President, China National Nuclear Corp. (CNNC) )
 Date:February 13, 1998
 37th “How Does International Society Evaluate Japan?”
 Speaker:Shinji Fukukawa (Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Communication Institute)
 Date:October 12, 1998
 38th “Outlook on Chinese Economic Growth and Economic and Technological Cooperation between China and Japan”
 Speaker:Bai Hejin (Secretary-General, State Development Planning Commission (SDPC))
 Date:December 14, 1998
 39th “Scenario of Japan's Economic Revival”
 Speaker:Heizo Takenaka (Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University)
 Date:February 19, 1999
 40th “Workshop on Cooperation on the Korean Peninsula”
 Speaker:Fukushiro Nukaga (Member, House of Representatives), Akihiko Tanaka (Professor, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo)
Richard L. Armitage (President, Armitage Associates L.C.), Harry Barnes (Director, Carter Center Conflict Resolution Program)
Yang Zhenya (President, Asia-Africa Development & Exchange Society of China), Fu Chengli (Researcher, Academy of Military Sciences (AMS), People's Liberation Army (PLA))
 Date : July 2, 1999
 41st “The Need for Dismantling Nuclear Weapons and its Future Outlook”
 Speaker: Robert S. McNamara (former United States Secretary of Defense/ former President of the World Bank), George L. Butler (Commander in Chief, United States Strategic Command / Commander, Strategic Air Command)
 Date:November 5, 1999
 42nd “Crisis Management-Toward Establishing International Guidelines for Prediction & Prevention”
 Speaker:Hiroshi Nakajima (Honorary Director-General, WHO / Director General, International Research Institute of Health and Welfare, International University of Health and Welfare)
 Date:December 16, 1999
 43rd “Placement of Japan-U.S. Security Treaty in the 21st Century-Before the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit”
 Speaker: James E. Auer (Professor, Vanderbilt University / Director, Center for U.S.-Japan Studies and Cooperation at Vanderbilt)
 Date:May 10, 2000
 44th “The Current Situation and Future Outlook of the Northeast Asia Region”
 Speaker: Qian Yongnian (President, Asia-Africa Development & Exchange Society of China)
 Date:July 6, 2000
 45th “Importance of Japan-Russia Atomic Power Cooperation and New Developments”
 Speaker:Akito Arima (Member, House of Councilors), Sergienko I. Valentine (Deputy Chairman, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch)
 Date:October 29, 2001
 46th “On Intellectual Exchange in a New Japan-U.K. Era”
 Speaker:Akito Arima (Member, House of Councilors), Hiroyuki Yoshikawa (President, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))
Julian Ridsdale (President, Ridsdale Foundation/ former British Ambassador to Japan), John Boyd (former British Ambassador to Japan)
 Date:March 11, 2002
 47th “The Current Situation and Agendas of Myanmar, Future Outlook Towards Mutual Cooperation Between Japan and Myanmar”
 Speaker:Aung Naing (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Myanmar to Japan)
 Date:December 17, 2002
 48th “My Experiences and Ideas on Japan-China Friendship”
 Speaker:Yang Zhenya (Chair of the Chinese Side, China-Japan Friendship Committee for the 21st Century)
 Date:September 16, 2003
 49th “Future Outlook on Energy Cooperation between Japan and Russia”
 Speaker:Akito Arima (Member, House of Councilors), Aiji Yamato (Special Technical Advisor, Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC)), Itaru Watanabe (Director, Atomic Energy Division, Research and Development Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), Oleg M. Saraev (General Director, Rosenergoatom), Nobuhiko Yokoyama (Assistant to Director, Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.), Yukiya Amano (Director-General for Arms Control and Scientific Affairs, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MOFA))
 Date:October 30, 2003
 50th “Progress in Japan-U.S. Friendship Relations – New Economic Frontiers”
 Speaker: Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico)
 Date:June 15, 2004
 51st “On Future Japan-China Relations”
 Speaker:Hu Deping (Standing Committee Member, National People's Congress), Fukushiro Nukaga (Member, House of Representatives)
 Date: November 12, 2004
 52nd “Role of Science and Technology in Chinese Economic Development and Japan-China Exchange”
 Speaker:Shi Erwei (Vice President, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Akito Arima (Member, House of Councilors)
 Date:April 7, 2005
 53rd “Professor Mitsuko Saito (Fukunaga) and New Japan-U.S. Relations”
 Speaker: Naoyuki Agawa (Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University), James E. Auer (Professor, Vanderbilt University / Director, Center for U.S.-Japan Studies and Cooperation at the Vanderbilt Institute for Public Policy Studies)
 Date: December 1, 2006
 54th “Working Dinner with Mongolian President Nambaryn Enkhbajar”
 Speaker: Nambaryn Enkhbayar (President of Mongolia)
 Date:February 28, 2007
 55th “Financial Cooperation Between Japan and China as Global Strategy”
 Speaker:Li Ruogu (President, The Export-Import Bank of China), Tadashi Maeda (Director General, Energy and Natural Resources Finance Department, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC))
 Date:April 3, 2007
 56th “On Japanese Security”
 Speaker:Takemasa Moriya (Vice Defense Minister, Ministry of Defense)
 Date:July 31, 2007

“On Future Japan - Saudi Arabia Relations”
 Speaker:Abdulaziz Turkistani (Ambassador Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Japan)
 Date:June 3, 2010